WordPress Slideshow Gallery v1.1.1

We have released v1.1.1 of the WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin to the public. You can read more about the feature/fix highlights here.

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WordPress Slideshow Gallery v1.0.5

This release of the WordPress slideshow gallery plugin should improve some of the features overall and also adds some new functionality. Here is a list of changes…

    WordPress 2.9 draggable meta boxes.
    wp_redirect() fatal error in dashboard.
    TinyMCE plugin button to add shortcodes.
    “exclude” parameter to work in conjunction with the “post_id” parameter to exclude attachments by order.
    Changed #wrapper to #slideshow-wrapper on the front-end.

I hope that you enjoy this new release! You can either use the automatic update feature in the ‘Plugins’ section if you already have the WordPress slideshow gallery plugin installed or you can download it directly from WordPress.org by going here.

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Slideshow Gallery v1.0.4 for WordPress 2.9

This is a quick release of the WordPress slideshow gallery plugin to ensure the compatibility with WordPress 2.9. Everything is running perfectly fine.

Another minor fix was made by lowering the z-index CSS attribute of the #fullsize DIV to ensure that it stays below certain elements on your site like if you had a drop down menu for example.

I am aware of the IE (Internet Explorer) issue with the HREF link/icon and it will be fixed asap.

Enjoy the release and feel free to comment!

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WordPress Slideshow Gallery v1.0.3

The initial release of the WordPress slideshow gallery plugin was a huge success and WordPress users seemed to really enjoy the new concept of being able to easily embed (using a WordPress shortcode) a slideshow into any WordPress post/page and of course to hardcode a slideshow into their WordPress theme.

Changes to the Plugin

After the initial release of the slideshow gallery plugin for WordPress, I received tons of comments and much needed feedback to improve the plugin upon. So I did! This new release has some new, wanted features and also includes several improvements and fixes to the interface to provide you with a more pleasant experience. Here are the changes which were made to the plugin…

  • IMPROVED: Directory separator constant DS from DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR to ensure compatibility of the plugin on Windows servers.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Removed the 2nd, autoLoad (introduced in PHP 5) parameter from the class_exists function throughout the plugin to ensure compatibility with PHP 4 servers.
  • ADDED: post_id parameter for the slideshow shortcode to use the WordPress media gallery images uploaded to a specific post/page with the ID as the value.
  • ADDED: Webkit CSS border radius of 4px to the thumbnails in the slideshow-gallery/css/gallery-css.php file.
  • ADDED: Configuration setting to turn On/Off the resizing of the images to fit the slideshow area.
  • ADDED: Default, US English language file included in the languages folder of the plugin. You can add your language files in here.
  • IMPROVED: The plugin does not utilize PHP short open tags anymore.

Stay Tuned for More

For those of you whom have been using the plugin or plan on using the plugin, be sure to subscribe to us via either our RSS feed, the mailing list (subscribe in the sidebar) or even Twitter for that matter. You may want to subscribe in order to be notified when new releases with new features and improvements are released.

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WordPress Slideshow Gallery v1.0

The first build of the WordPress slideshow gallery plugin has been released to the public. You can download it here on WordPress.org. If you have any questions or requests or found any bugs/problems in the plugin, please feel free to comment here. Thank you for your support!

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